Saturday, December 17, 2011

Being left out-- oh yeah, this is Vans

That caught your attention, "Being left out," didn't it? I thought since i hadn't posted in a while I would write about this. Don't you just hate it when your friend is talking about a party and then she's like," so what time should i pick you up?" and you're like,"never dingbat! I wasn't invited!" and then it's really awkward because she just totally embarrassed herself, and you're now LEFT OUT. since it's the title i thought i would put it in caps. so last week was my bat-mitzva, it was tons of fun but, i couldn't invite everyone i knew. I felt really bad because, i knew i had left some people out. so i was really sad because i had to leave out some people who might have thought we were good friends. SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO MY COUSIN'S FRIEND AND MY FRIEND KELP: i really wanted to invite you guys but since you were both out of town my mom said i couldn't, i still think you are awesome. ok, now that that's one i thought i would give some advice. you can follow it or not, i don't really care, but i know it would make some other people's lives better. Try not to leave anyone out, or if you do don't rub it in their face. also if you have to leave them out for a reason tell them so they don't get mad. you all are good people, well i hope you are, so do the right thing! yaaaa!
-- Vans

Thursday, November 17, 2011

VANS--Thanks giveing

so, it's that awkward time between Halloween and Hanukkah/ Christmas/ Kwanzaa/ winter solstice. I always get annoyed when I'm driving down the street and people have already put up Hanukkah/ Christmas/ Kwanzaa/ winter solstice decorations. DON'T FORGET ABOUT THANKS  GIVING!!! it's a holiday too. why don't we have thanks giving decorations? instead of giant inflatable snow globes we could have giant inflatable turkeys! I don't know about you all but my family and I have some weird holiday stories.  we usually eat thanks giving dinner with our friends who are doctors. one year between dinner and dessert we all got our swine flu vaccine. I was putting a last bite of turkey in my mouth and i looked over into the other room and i saw my mom being injected with a needle. that ruiened my appitite. so that's just one story. what are yours? do you have a weird thing that you eat? or relitives that have weird jobs? leave a comment and tell us about it!

Happy thanks giveing!
-- Vans

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Lets start out with a random fact about trick or treating: Katey Perry has never been trick or treating. Sad right? Well it's Halloween time and people are making plans with friends to go out and beg for candy while wearing costumes. For most people this is a fun activity. But what if the people you are going with don't like each other? Then you have a problem. Who wants to spend the night with friends who are arguing the whole time. So I have some advice. Go with a bigger group of friends. That way if two of them are arguing you can spend time with someone else. Also if there are more people they might spend time with others instead of the person they don't like. Remember it's not your fault if they don't like each other so don't let their arguing keep you from having a good time. Let them work it out themselves. Unless they are punching each other you don't have to be the peace maker. So now that we have covered that topic how about a recipe! So a couple of years ago converse brought in these delicious cookies to school on Halloween. They were sugar cookies with a chocolate kiss on top. She then put frosting around the rim of the kiss. They ended up looking like witches hats! And who said she can't cook (see earlier post)? So I hope you have an amazing halloween! I'm going to be the Cat in the Hat. Comment on this post and write what you're going to be.

-- Vans

Saturday, October 15, 2011

vans-- read to find out.

Hello, so it's a Saturday night and guess where I am?!? No not at a party, not at a friends house, not at my own house, I'm…… (dramatic pause)… BABYSITTING!!! so I was reading converse's post about Facebook, I myself don't have one-- I write on a blog that's viewed by who knows, but I don't want something where I can write and it will be viewed by my friends--welcome to my crazy mind-- so I don't know why her post made me think of this but, it made me think about things I do in my free time with friend that are not electronics. I know in this 20 first centry we're all supossed to be obsessed with electronics, in fact in 2050 they are supposed to attack-- acourding to a magazen, but there are other things to do in life. Speaking of electronics my dad just got a snazzy new phone, he just interrupted my posting to show me his background. so here is a list of things to do with friends that have nothing to do with electronics:

-- make a list of things to do in your local shopping area, ie: go into a store and speak with a brittash accent. i've made lists with friends tons of times and we had lots of fun.

-- go for a walk and talk. if it's a nice day, go outside, if it's pouring i don't suggest this activity.

-- make up a new game, my friends and i used to love foursqare, we would make up all theese crazy rules, it was lots o' fun.

-- go for an adventure, in you back yard, in your neighbors yard, in your enimies yard, the possibilities are endless!

-- play a games, my personal favorite is rat-a-tat-cat, ITS UBER FUN!

-- learn karate, if you didnt already do it this summer (see me earlier post) learn it together! two kickers are better than one!

well, theese are just some of my ideas, comment and i'll give you some more. whenever i have done one of theese things with a friend we always end up laughing, talking, and haveing a great time. so instead of stalking someone on face book do something else! yaaaa!
-- Vans the super babysitter :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Converse- Facebook

Sorry about my lack of posting!
Note: If you want to get a Facebook and are trying to convince them to get you one, don't let them read this!
Just thought I might add a quick word about facebook- do you, our WONDERFUL readers, have facebook? I do and I have to say, I almost wish that I didn't.
Several reasons as follows:
1. You learn way to much about other people and what they have been doing
2. You get notifications through your email, things like "so and so tagged you in this picture" and naturally you want to see the picture they posted and then you get sucked into the BFT (the big facebook trap) and end up looking at the page of your friend- of a friend- of a friend- of a friend.
3. Its very easy to say that you are going on to set up a time to hang out with your friend, but instead you end up staring at other people's pages for hours on end.
4. You never quite know if someone can tell if you have been on their page... and who has been on yours...actually this should be my #1 bullet point.
5. You get friend-ed by people you STRONGLY dislike, and yet if you deny their request they find out. A helpful tip: if you don't like the person and they try to friend you, just let the request sit around- never click yes or no. Then if they find out they can't be offended, because you can use technology as a great excuse.
6. All those people that you don't like that you friend-ed, while on one of those, "I'm going to give everyone a fresh start!" five minute inspirations, can see everything you post. And all of your pictures. Even the ones you don't want them to. And of course, you can't un-friend them because they will find out... and that's simply a very akward situation. What do you say? Umm... I don't like you very much and I was trying to give you a second chanc, but really- I don't think you deserve one so I'm never talking to you again...
So unless you have a desperate need, a cousin you are very close to who lives in a different state, for example, or a friend in the same situation- its worth it. Otherwise, I suggest skipping it...
- Converse

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Converse speaking- its school again...

So for me school is completely in session. Its hard to think that summer was just a few weeks ago- but anyway, I don't know about you, but for me I can always tell when I'm back in school.
- My alarm goes off and I realize that its not by accident
- I open my school email and actually have homework, not just private jokes with friends
- I always trip over stuff on my floor in the morning, but this time its my science binder instead of a pile of magazines
Have any rituals that let you know your not going to have a social life for the next 10 months?
I don't know any one else- but for me it always seems like the farther I get into school the less social I become. I have homework everyday, including the weekend, and several sports practices. I guess its just a piece of getting older... what happened to the days when I had to write a review for a book and that was all my homework for the week?! When I could go to my friend's house Monday night without worrying about studying for tests.
There are lots of pros and cons I guess when it comes to growing up. Its nice to have more freedom, walking to a restaurant with friends, but you almost never can due to school schedule.
When I was younger I always thought it would be cool to be on a sports team, but now I realize its a lot of hard work- getting up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning to go practice. But the feeling you get out of it is so worth it...
Overall, I'm sure the pros outweigh the cons for the most part, but I'll admit, I wouldn't mind not having any homework.
See ya,

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vans speaking-- baby sittig tips

Hello. Sorry converse and I haven't posted in a while. I know I have been busy with skool, homework, learning how to ride a unicycle, volley ball an all the other normal everyday things that I do :) anyway, I was talking to my cousin today- just FYI we r close, I try to call her often since we don't live in the same state- and she was like, "u haven't posted in a while." and i said something like, "whoa, the kid in the restrant next door to where I am sittig goes to my skool." and she said, "vans ur getting off topic." anyway. I relized she was right. So I decided to post baby sitting tips. Random i know. But it better than nothing right?!?!
Here it goes:

1. Rubbing their back helps them fall asleep.

2. Playing the alphabet game helps them
Fall asleep( the game where u think of an animal that starts with a, then b...) BUT DON'T TRY TO PLAY THIS GAME WITH KIDS WHO HAVE NOT LEARNED THE ALPHABET YET-- I learnt the hard way…

3. If they say, I'm not tierd! Tell them,"to bad,
u have to go to bed
Now." but use different words. Don't tell the kid, " ok! U can stay up!"

So, I know middle skool is when u start babysitting so I hope this helps.
Vans, who just told a
Kid to go to bed :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vans- summer worries.

Vans Speaking. As the summer is comeing to an end and school is about to start we all get kinda sad. Soo.... I know these r some of my worries.
-- what if my friends changed over the summer.
-- what if some trend started while I was out of town.
-- what if I have no friends in my class.
So I was looking at all if these problems and I relized something. Wait... Quick break. Fun fact. Did you know that I have never been to walmart? If don't have a walmart in your town it's a big store that sells everything. Kinda like a target. Anyway back to the post. So, I relized something. Everyone has theese problems. When we all get back to school we will all be worringing about theese things.some
More than others. So do yourself a favor. Stop worrying. About the trends, they don't developed that quickly. Also it's ok if you don't follow trends. Mabey you can make up your own! About friends, everyone changes a little bit. It all comes with growing up. But just except their changes. Don't try to change them, that will just make them mad. About friends in your class, even if you don't have any in your class u can always make new ones. This past year I started out the year with only a couple of friends in my class. But by the end we were all really close. So don't worry and have a really really really fun rest of the summer!
From vans.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

vans-- things to do when you are board and it's summer

Hello, this is Vans. so... it's now summer. great. usaully unless you have a really fun camp, or vacation, or other plans summer might be really boring. so, i have decided to give some ideas of fun things to do. in the first week of summer i filled up a note pad with things i could do when i was board. when i have nothing to do i flip to a random page and do what it says! i highly suggest makeing one of theese books because, then you have a whole book of things to do when you can't think of anything else. so..... here are some of my ideas:
-- learn karate
-- write a letter to someone on home made stationary
-- bike somewhere for lunch
-- write a story
-- decorate part of your room
-- give yourself spa treatments (doing your nail, face maskes, cucumber over your eyes)
--brake a world record
--try a new hair style
-- make a new outfit
-- practice a sport you like for twenty minutes
-- decorate a journal to write in
-- make a test on your favorite subject and give it to someone
-- cook a dessert for your family
-- learn three phrases or words in another language
-- make a moive
-- start a garden
-- get a pen pal
-- read a book
i hope thees help! happy summer! if you need more comment and i will be happy to post more! wow, that's a lot of exclamation points.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vans speaking-- The short shorts problem

Hello people, animals, or whatever else might be reading this. I am going to write today about what clothing stores think teens want to wear. also about their advertising. But... first i shall tell you a story (don't worry this had to do with a teen clothes store)
so, one day i was at the mall and i had to go to the bathroom. The store i was in didn't have a bathroom so i had to go across the way to the xxxxxxx and xxxx store (i don't want to post the name in case the store gets mad) so anyway, i walk to this store to look for a bathroom. as i come to the entrance there is a big picture of a shirtless teenage (14 or 15) boy. underneath it said the stores name. i think it was advertisement for their clothes. I'm not sure what clothes he was advertising because the picture didn't show any. anyway, (do i say that to much?) is this what people think teen fashion is all about?
good looking bodies? i thought fashion was a way of expressing yourself with clothes and accessories.
oh well,
untill next time,


hello this is vans speaking-- or really typing. today i am talking about. well actually u should know if you have read the title. so, i suggest u read the title before reading this. or else it will be very confusing. have u read the title? gotten a snack? used the bathroom? r u comfortable? yes? OK we can begin. so as the title obviously states my post will be about swimsuits. so our class was having an end of year swim party when i realized i didn't have a swimsuit (don't worry i realized this before the party, not at it) anyway, i decided i should go buy one. so i hoped into my mom's car and we drove to the mall. once at the mall i started to look around in stores for a bathing suit.  so I'm looking in this store. but all i could find were bikinis. i bought one. then i realized i should probably get a one piece for camp where we will be swimming in a cold lake. so i looked around. NO ONE PIECES. actually that's a lie. there were a couple. but they were either cut to low, for racing swimmers, or for two or fifty year olds. i tried the next store, same thing. next, same... you get where this is going. so i was wondering. is there any store where i can get a normal, patterned- not racing- one piece swimsuit???? if there is please tell me. what happened to the choice of a one piece or a two piece. and don't even get me started on tankines-  no offense to tankini lovers, they are just not my thing.
-- so happy summer!!!
-- vans

Friday, May 6, 2011

Converse speaking- I'm cooking! (not really...)

Hi to all of you wonderful readers,
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Have had a ton of work- will talk more about that later-
Well I'm here to talk about cooking. I love eating homemade things. I'm perfectly happy to cook them. My only issue is that everything I make turns out horribly....
'nother common  lie about middle school girls- they are great cooks.
So as an exception to this rule:
While I'm sitting here munching on a few carrots and poking away at a rather hard to use keyboard (i was born PC and just switched over to mac and have to switch keyboard shortcuts- poor me! {not really...}ha ha! 'nother common lie- not all teenagers are good with la computerdoras- clearly i don't take Spanish- but that's another good idea for a blog post.)
So just to fill you in on whats going on right now- my carrots and i are sitting at a computer while vans is slaving away in the kitchen- her word choice- attempting to figure out how to deal with a recipe that calls for 1/4 of an egg. seriously? i call typo. Although she says she has figured it out- clearly she knows a little more about cooking than i do.
So the myth busters have struck again- 1. teens aren't always good cooks. 2. teens aren't always good with computers. 2. it is possible to only use 1/4 of an egg. See ya soon my wonderfully amazing readers!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Vans -- the hugging problem

This is vans speaking. So, today I want to talk about hugging. Yes, you read this correctly hugging. Hugging. Hugging. It's actually quiet a fun word to type. Anyway, in middle school all of a sudden instead of waving to people people decide to hug them. I don't know if all of a sudden people have a strange urge to wraps their arms around people, or if they're trying to be cool. But my point is, does anyone else find this extremely odd? Maybe it's just me but, do people really want to give everyone they meet a hug? I'll give u an example of the strangeness. -- I'll walk down the hall and I'll literally see four people hugging. Two people running down the hall to hug some random person and say, "hi" to them. And I'll see at least six people hugging each other and turning in circles blocking the hallway. (these r the worst because it's always awkward to say," Excuse me but would u mind standing still while u hug so I can walk to class?")-- so, what happened to the nice old wave? If anyone agrees with me please comment. And don't get me wrong. I love to give a close friend a hug. I just don't like how in middle school hugging becomes a sign of statues. Who u hug r the people u hang out with, the people u like. So, I don't want to worry about who I hug. Why can't we just wave? It's a lot less time consuming. Also u don't have to worry about if the person ur about to wave to has Good hygiene.
Thats all I have to say for now. -- vans.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Converse-sunday nights

worst invetion ever. its still the weekend so you want to have fun- but the next day is the start of a long hard week. anyone with me on this?
im thinking of starting a national campaing,
"End of the Sunday nights."
- converse,
please comment on this post!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Converse speaking- more Vietnamese food for thought

So as I related in an earlier post I was made fun of for eating leftover Vietnamese food. Well, tonight I was riding back in the car and thinking about bullies. Somewhere along the way I started thinking about those people in your life who are dramatic, they aren't bullies, just dramatic. In one of my classes I have to sit through 45 minutes of constant TMI (to much information) chatter centered around one rather flirtacious child. This person flirts with EVERYONE of the opposite gender, and trust me, its gets annoying. Not the flirting, the endless, "Oh I went there once!"- Or- "Remember that time at sports practice when you and I were talking about blah blah blah..." and find some way to finally relate it to class.

Well, try as he might, our poor h teacher can do nothing about it. So he created the list.

The "list" names every couple that flirts in our class. When they flirt our teacher marks it down and gives them an "F-" for class behavior, both parties.
Just wonderin if anyone else out there has any stories about the dramatics (the more dramatic people in life.) So comment on this, let us know! Wow that sounds odd. So yeah.

Hope your having a great weekend + stay posted for my next post (sorry could not resist the pun...) about cliques and some rather interesting ideas they have about the perfect person...

see ya then and get some sleep (I know I need to! So I think I finally need to end this!)

Converse :)

Who is going to have Vietnamese food for breakfast tomorrow!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Vans Speaking--

Hello people. This is Vans. So.... GUESS WHAT!
you: What?
Me: I"M GETTING NEW VANS SOON!!! YEAH! my old ones had holes so big you could see my socks. also they didn't fit. So, i'm getting new ones! yaaa!
oh and guess what - my birthday is also national name a peanut day(please don't be pervs!) so kewl right?!

-Vans. *<:)

and a little converse for good measure (so converse speaking): don't worry- we are changing the blog around but it will the same info in the same place! woo hoo! and note to all: we will have to shut down this blog (okay not really but  if no one follows it my mom won't let my write on because she thinks it will be a waste of time... and then your stuck listening to vans posts about nation name a peanut day... really vans? okay so yeah!)so if you like this blog please comment on this post, ask us a question, leave a note- follow us! anything at all! kewl! see ya later!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Converse speaking- spring break

Everyone says that spring break is a time when teens go crazy and party all week long. So not true!
 Sleeping all week long? Maybe.
Talking to other people @ school everyone is staying home or going to Flordia. So I have to say- except for the "evil girls" in our grade who fit the average idea of a teenager perfectly, no one is going crazy, having wild parties ect.

Just thought I would prove you wrong once again society!
- Converse, who hopes you have a very merry spring break! (sorry that just rhymed so well!)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Converse speaking- can I get some sleep here?

Teachers will complain that we (the students) aren't awake enough. Were always tired they say. Yes, I completely agree with them. But its their fault!
I do my homework first thing when I get home (I know! I'm sure you think I'm lying and that I'm really a huge procrastinator- but ha ha- I do my work first thing- oh now I should go of on a tangent about what the world thinks of teenagers... good idea for my next posting!) anway, unless I have a soccer game or practice or have to go run, its hitting the books first thing. I'm in middle school okay? Already this week I stayed up till 10:00 pm every night only with homework. No facebook or texting. Just work. Yup, I'm exhauted.
So we have two options.
1. Accepting exhaustion as a way of life.
2. Saying something about it.
Well I hate to say this but I'm to tired to do anything.
Does anyone else have this issue?
You stay up super late doing homework and studying for big deal tests- and then the next day the teacher who gave you 5 hours of homework is complaning that you look to sleepy and telling you that you spent the night texting and on facebook.
I am tempted to kick my teacher... but I don't.
I'm to tired.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Converse- sorry we haven't been talking

sorry vans and I haven't been on line in a while!
so much school work!
we will be on w/ some new posts this weekend- stay tuned for more awesomeness!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Converse- falling down and getting up...

Its hard to get up sometimes after you fall down. I mean, like you have a big issue not literally fall down. Well I was just thinking:
I have a secret weapon I am willing to share! Music. If you have a radio, a cd player, Ipod, or mp3 player load it up and listen to some music.
I have found get some really odd music that ranges from depressing to party songs and listen to all of it. Its hard not to feel better.honestly.
Here are some of my favorite artists:
Jilian Edwards- Go Together is clean and slightly sad
Regina Spektor (some songs can have words and such that are not appropriate for very young persons! check with your gaurdian/ parent before listining to- I don't want to get you in trouble!) That Time is the best song but clearly not great for those under 13!
Greg Laswell- Take everything is great and clean, Through Toldedo is sad but clean + new
L.E.O- I only know one song by them (Goodbye innocence) which is clean, but I don't know about the rest of their work
Lady Gaga- great for the party song part- but most songs reference things not appropriate for young ears-
Train- Soul Sister is the only song I know- not bad and clean
Michael Buble- I just haven't me you yet is great but I don't know anything else
Alpha Rev- New Morning- one cuss word but otherwise one of the best songs ever!
Let me know if you have any great music! Please- i need to re- load my Ipod!
- Converse

Monday, March 7, 2011

Converse speaking- lets stand up people...

So I'm sure we all have experience with a bully. Maybe you have been a victim... or the bully. Either way you get the idea of why people bully. Mostly, due to lack of jealousy, it could be you have more friends, or you friends are honestly kind while his/hers aren't. You could get better grades in school, and that's something they can't attain.
I have been targeted by bullies for most of my life. I don't know why, I'm guessing its a couple of these things. I'm ashamed to say that I have, due to these repeated attacks, been known to change something about myself so I am not targeted. I have worn different clothes most often, and in one case stopped eating meat.
In elementary school my mom packed my lunches. I love leftovers so she would always pack me some. I walked into class Monday morning with some Vietnamese food that I love, it was beef or something. So at lunch I put it out and start to eat,
"Converse- what are you eating? It looks like rat meat!" she snickered.
I stopped eating meat for the next month.
Its funny, I can stand up for other people easily, but not for myself.
I really hate hurting people's if I'm mad at them it usually comes our sounding like I'm fine.
So I want you people out there- please! stand up to someone today! don't let them have control- stand up and you will be fine!
And remember- whenever you need support we are here!
- Converse

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Converse- the clique

There's one at every school... maybe you have been victim to them. Maybe you are a member of one. Either way- here is the truth-
Cliques are mean. They can ruin your friendships, your class, maybe your school.
They are usually perfect to adults and horrible towards other kids/teens. Teachers thus, don't notice, and trust me it's hard to stand up against them. I have tried, and thus lost several friends who did not want to stick with me once my reputation was bad.
Each one alone can be fine but when they are all together they can be bad.
We want to be able to stand up against them... but its hard. That's why we need you to help. In some attempt to make them realize what they are doing. That's why we need you, our readers, to stand up to them. Or just to follow us. We want to make this blog known so that people can take a stand and feel like they have a support group. Us. We want to be here for people when you need us- thats why we need you! Please follow us and make us known- so we can help!

Vans- skinny jeans

Hello, this is finally Vans, you haven't heard what i have to say yet. so this will be awesome for both of us. so... i am write about skinny jeans. duh. sorry, I'll try to refrain from unneeded comment. anyway, you are probably wondering, "Why is she writing about jeans when this is a blog about middle school, that's so random!" fear not young ones, sorry i added that for dramatic affect. but, if you have ever been to a middle school you will notice there is some trend, wait for it, wait for it again.... for us SKINNY JEANS!!!!! yes these tight legged pant are making a come back. my mom says they were popular in the seventies. anyway, if you have ever tried on a pair of them your first reaction would probably be, "Darn these pants are so uncomfortable!" that was my first reaction. so, keep on trying, because, eventually you will find a pair that are comfortable. the first time i tried on a pair they were three sizes to small. i gave up for  a couple of months. but then.. i found a pair that actually felt good! so the lesson? even if you don't like skinny jeans at first you will either :
1. find a pair that work,
2. or develop your own style. last year i thought jeans were the most uncomfortable thing on this planet besides brushing your hair when it's knotty. so, instead i wore things like skirts, shorts, or other things, BE CREATIVE you don't need jeans to make you look good. 
so fear not old ones ( this has been so long you have probably aged since my calling you young) follow your own style, don't worry unless it's hideous (in witch your friends will tell you) nobody will think your clothes are weird. so be true to your self!!!wow i went really off topic. you are probably asleep. so AGGGGGG wake up because converse wants to say something...
Converse speaking:
At the school we go to the mothers arent that fru-fru for the most part. 
So as a result- the "trendsetters" don't wear pearl earrings and skirts. 
So the trends we talk about may be a little different then yours- but its the same thing really.
Okay- sorry for the interruption- i'll let Vans get back to her wonderful post-
vans:  bye for now, :)

Converse speaking the truth

Teenagers are rebellious, moody, tired, smelly and hungrey.
I have some advice for you:
1. About rebellion, just go get some sleep or eat some pretzels. Don't ask me, but both work.
2. Moody- shut your pie trap and get some sleep or eat some pretzels. See above for more info.
3. Tired- get some sleep you poor stupid people.  Or go eat some pretzels. Seriously, those things have like caffeine in them.
4. Smelly- use deodorant- your respective hero put deodorant on earth for a reason. USE IT! don't use pretzels this time. just shower. that works to.
5. Hungry? EAT SOME PRETZELS- apples work too.
All else fails?
Shut your mouth, go to sleep, and/or eat some pretzels.

Welcome to our blog warming party

You're invited!
Welcome to our blog (Good girls wear converse... ) so please follow us!
Here's the deal:
We want to enlighten the world on the true world of middle school. We want to tell people about 50 hours of homework and 25 pound backpacks- but honestly. So that means I have to stop exaggerating- so there are really only 2 hours of homework... but the backpack is real...
So that's why the two of us are here- to tell you whats going on.
We don't want to give away our identity or school- so that people will assume us to be the average middle school- and people can't stop us from clicking away on our keyboards...
If you have any questions please leave them as comments and we will try to answer them!!!!! ya!
So that's about it.
Were two "good girls" but we wear converse. and don't do so well on some math quizzes.
and grammar.
but that's another story.
Anyway, we go by Vans and Converse - This is Van's fav. picture and here's mine (Converse)- sorry mine isn't showing up- we will try to post it later!
so follow us- like us(if its possible!) lets tell the world whats really going on and only you can help us!