Sunday, May 29, 2011


hello this is vans speaking-- or really typing. today i am talking about. well actually u should know if you have read the title. so, i suggest u read the title before reading this. or else it will be very confusing. have u read the title? gotten a snack? used the bathroom? r u comfortable? yes? OK we can begin. so as the title obviously states my post will be about swimsuits. so our class was having an end of year swim party when i realized i didn't have a swimsuit (don't worry i realized this before the party, not at it) anyway, i decided i should go buy one. so i hoped into my mom's car and we drove to the mall. once at the mall i started to look around in stores for a bathing suit.  so I'm looking in this store. but all i could find were bikinis. i bought one. then i realized i should probably get a one piece for camp where we will be swimming in a cold lake. so i looked around. NO ONE PIECES. actually that's a lie. there were a couple. but they were either cut to low, for racing swimmers, or for two or fifty year olds. i tried the next store, same thing. next, same... you get where this is going. so i was wondering. is there any store where i can get a normal, patterned- not racing- one piece swimsuit???? if there is please tell me. what happened to the choice of a one piece or a two piece. and don't even get me started on tankines-  no offense to tankini lovers, they are just not my thing.
-- so happy summer!!!
-- vans

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