Friday, May 6, 2011

Converse speaking- I'm cooking! (not really...)

Hi to all of you wonderful readers,
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Have had a ton of work- will talk more about that later-
Well I'm here to talk about cooking. I love eating homemade things. I'm perfectly happy to cook them. My only issue is that everything I make turns out horribly....
'nother common  lie about middle school girls- they are great cooks.
So as an exception to this rule:
While I'm sitting here munching on a few carrots and poking away at a rather hard to use keyboard (i was born PC and just switched over to mac and have to switch keyboard shortcuts- poor me! {not really...}ha ha! 'nother common lie- not all teenagers are good with la computerdoras- clearly i don't take Spanish- but that's another good idea for a blog post.)
So just to fill you in on whats going on right now- my carrots and i are sitting at a computer while vans is slaving away in the kitchen- her word choice- attempting to figure out how to deal with a recipe that calls for 1/4 of an egg. seriously? i call typo. Although she says she has figured it out- clearly she knows a little more about cooking than i do.
So the myth busters have struck again- 1. teens aren't always good cooks. 2. teens aren't always good with computers. 2. it is possible to only use 1/4 of an egg. See ya soon my wonderfully amazing readers!

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