Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vans speaking-- The short shorts problem

Hello people, animals, or whatever else might be reading this. I am going to write today about what clothing stores think teens want to wear. also about their advertising. But... first i shall tell you a story (don't worry this had to do with a teen clothes store)
so, one day i was at the mall and i had to go to the bathroom. The store i was in didn't have a bathroom so i had to go across the way to the xxxxxxx and xxxx store (i don't want to post the name in case the store gets mad) so anyway, i walk to this store to look for a bathroom. as i come to the entrance there is a big picture of a shirtless teenage (14 or 15) boy. underneath it said the stores name. i think it was advertisement for their clothes. I'm not sure what clothes he was advertising because the picture didn't show any. anyway, (do i say that to much?) is this what people think teen fashion is all about?
good looking bodies? i thought fashion was a way of expressing yourself with clothes and accessories.
oh well,
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