Sunday, March 27, 2011

Converse speaking- can I get some sleep here?

Teachers will complain that we (the students) aren't awake enough. Were always tired they say. Yes, I completely agree with them. But its their fault!
I do my homework first thing when I get home (I know! I'm sure you think I'm lying and that I'm really a huge procrastinator- but ha ha- I do my work first thing- oh now I should go of on a tangent about what the world thinks of teenagers... good idea for my next posting!) anway, unless I have a soccer game or practice or have to go run, its hitting the books first thing. I'm in middle school okay? Already this week I stayed up till 10:00 pm every night only with homework. No facebook or texting. Just work. Yup, I'm exhauted.
So we have two options.
1. Accepting exhaustion as a way of life.
2. Saying something about it.
Well I hate to say this but I'm to tired to do anything.
Does anyone else have this issue?
You stay up super late doing homework and studying for big deal tests- and then the next day the teacher who gave you 5 hours of homework is complaning that you look to sleepy and telling you that you spent the night texting and on facebook.
I am tempted to kick my teacher... but I don't.
I'm to tired.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Converse- sorry we haven't been talking

sorry vans and I haven't been on line in a while!
so much school work!
we will be on w/ some new posts this weekend- stay tuned for more awesomeness!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Converse- falling down and getting up...

Its hard to get up sometimes after you fall down. I mean, like you have a big issue not literally fall down. Well I was just thinking:
I have a secret weapon I am willing to share! Music. If you have a radio, a cd player, Ipod, or mp3 player load it up and listen to some music.
I have found get some really odd music that ranges from depressing to party songs and listen to all of it. Its hard not to feel better.honestly.
Here are some of my favorite artists:
Jilian Edwards- Go Together is clean and slightly sad
Regina Spektor (some songs can have words and such that are not appropriate for very young persons! check with your gaurdian/ parent before listining to- I don't want to get you in trouble!) That Time is the best song but clearly not great for those under 13!
Greg Laswell- Take everything is great and clean, Through Toldedo is sad but clean + new
L.E.O- I only know one song by them (Goodbye innocence) which is clean, but I don't know about the rest of their work
Lady Gaga- great for the party song part- but most songs reference things not appropriate for young ears-
Train- Soul Sister is the only song I know- not bad and clean
Michael Buble- I just haven't me you yet is great but I don't know anything else
Alpha Rev- New Morning- one cuss word but otherwise one of the best songs ever!
Let me know if you have any great music! Please- i need to re- load my Ipod!
- Converse

Monday, March 7, 2011

Converse speaking- lets stand up people...

So I'm sure we all have experience with a bully. Maybe you have been a victim... or the bully. Either way you get the idea of why people bully. Mostly, due to lack of jealousy, it could be you have more friends, or you friends are honestly kind while his/hers aren't. You could get better grades in school, and that's something they can't attain.
I have been targeted by bullies for most of my life. I don't know why, I'm guessing its a couple of these things. I'm ashamed to say that I have, due to these repeated attacks, been known to change something about myself so I am not targeted. I have worn different clothes most often, and in one case stopped eating meat.
In elementary school my mom packed my lunches. I love leftovers so she would always pack me some. I walked into class Monday morning with some Vietnamese food that I love, it was beef or something. So at lunch I put it out and start to eat,
"Converse- what are you eating? It looks like rat meat!" she snickered.
I stopped eating meat for the next month.
Its funny, I can stand up for other people easily, but not for myself.
I really hate hurting people's if I'm mad at them it usually comes our sounding like I'm fine.
So I want you people out there- please! stand up to someone today! don't let them have control- stand up and you will be fine!
And remember- whenever you need support we are here!
- Converse

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Converse- the clique

There's one at every school... maybe you have been victim to them. Maybe you are a member of one. Either way- here is the truth-
Cliques are mean. They can ruin your friendships, your class, maybe your school.
They are usually perfect to adults and horrible towards other kids/teens. Teachers thus, don't notice, and trust me it's hard to stand up against them. I have tried, and thus lost several friends who did not want to stick with me once my reputation was bad.
Each one alone can be fine but when they are all together they can be bad.
We want to be able to stand up against them... but its hard. That's why we need you to help. In some attempt to make them realize what they are doing. That's why we need you, our readers, to stand up to them. Or just to follow us. We want to make this blog known so that people can take a stand and feel like they have a support group. Us. We want to be here for people when you need us- thats why we need you! Please follow us and make us known- so we can help!

Vans- skinny jeans

Hello, this is finally Vans, you haven't heard what i have to say yet. so this will be awesome for both of us. so... i am write about skinny jeans. duh. sorry, I'll try to refrain from unneeded comment. anyway, you are probably wondering, "Why is she writing about jeans when this is a blog about middle school, that's so random!" fear not young ones, sorry i added that for dramatic affect. but, if you have ever been to a middle school you will notice there is some trend, wait for it, wait for it again.... for us SKINNY JEANS!!!!! yes these tight legged pant are making a come back. my mom says they were popular in the seventies. anyway, if you have ever tried on a pair of them your first reaction would probably be, "Darn these pants are so uncomfortable!" that was my first reaction. so, keep on trying, because, eventually you will find a pair that are comfortable. the first time i tried on a pair they were three sizes to small. i gave up for  a couple of months. but then.. i found a pair that actually felt good! so the lesson? even if you don't like skinny jeans at first you will either :
1. find a pair that work,
2. or develop your own style. last year i thought jeans were the most uncomfortable thing on this planet besides brushing your hair when it's knotty. so, instead i wore things like skirts, shorts, or other things, BE CREATIVE you don't need jeans to make you look good. 
so fear not old ones ( this has been so long you have probably aged since my calling you young) follow your own style, don't worry unless it's hideous (in witch your friends will tell you) nobody will think your clothes are weird. so be true to your self!!!wow i went really off topic. you are probably asleep. so AGGGGGG wake up because converse wants to say something...
Converse speaking:
At the school we go to the mothers arent that fru-fru for the most part. 
So as a result- the "trendsetters" don't wear pearl earrings and skirts. 
So the trends we talk about may be a little different then yours- but its the same thing really.
Okay- sorry for the interruption- i'll let Vans get back to her wonderful post-
vans:  bye for now, :)

Converse speaking the truth

Teenagers are rebellious, moody, tired, smelly and hungrey.
I have some advice for you:
1. About rebellion, just go get some sleep or eat some pretzels. Don't ask me, but both work.
2. Moody- shut your pie trap and get some sleep or eat some pretzels. See above for more info.
3. Tired- get some sleep you poor stupid people.  Or go eat some pretzels. Seriously, those things have like caffeine in them.
4. Smelly- use deodorant- your respective hero put deodorant on earth for a reason. USE IT! don't use pretzels this time. just shower. that works to.
5. Hungry? EAT SOME PRETZELS- apples work too.
All else fails?
Shut your mouth, go to sleep, and/or eat some pretzels.

Welcome to our blog warming party

You're invited!
Welcome to our blog (Good girls wear converse... ) so please follow us!
Here's the deal:
We want to enlighten the world on the true world of middle school. We want to tell people about 50 hours of homework and 25 pound backpacks- but honestly. So that means I have to stop exaggerating- so there are really only 2 hours of homework... but the backpack is real...
So that's why the two of us are here- to tell you whats going on.
We don't want to give away our identity or school- so that people will assume us to be the average middle school- and people can't stop us from clicking away on our keyboards...
If you have any questions please leave them as comments and we will try to answer them!!!!! ya!
So that's about it.
Were two "good girls" but we wear converse. and don't do so well on some math quizzes.
and grammar.
but that's another story.
Anyway, we go by Vans and Converse - This is Van's fav. picture and here's mine (Converse)- sorry mine isn't showing up- we will try to post it later!
so follow us- like us(if its possible!) lets tell the world whats really going on and only you can help us!