Sunday, March 27, 2011

Converse speaking- can I get some sleep here?

Teachers will complain that we (the students) aren't awake enough. Were always tired they say. Yes, I completely agree with them. But its their fault!
I do my homework first thing when I get home (I know! I'm sure you think I'm lying and that I'm really a huge procrastinator- but ha ha- I do my work first thing- oh now I should go of on a tangent about what the world thinks of teenagers... good idea for my next posting!) anway, unless I have a soccer game or practice or have to go run, its hitting the books first thing. I'm in middle school okay? Already this week I stayed up till 10:00 pm every night only with homework. No facebook or texting. Just work. Yup, I'm exhauted.
So we have two options.
1. Accepting exhaustion as a way of life.
2. Saying something about it.
Well I hate to say this but I'm to tired to do anything.
Does anyone else have this issue?
You stay up super late doing homework and studying for big deal tests- and then the next day the teacher who gave you 5 hours of homework is complaning that you look to sleepy and telling you that you spent the night texting and on facebook.
I am tempted to kick my teacher... but I don't.
I'm to tired.

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