Thursday, March 3, 2011

Converse- the clique

There's one at every school... maybe you have been victim to them. Maybe you are a member of one. Either way- here is the truth-
Cliques are mean. They can ruin your friendships, your class, maybe your school.
They are usually perfect to adults and horrible towards other kids/teens. Teachers thus, don't notice, and trust me it's hard to stand up against them. I have tried, and thus lost several friends who did not want to stick with me once my reputation was bad.
Each one alone can be fine but when they are all together they can be bad.
We want to be able to stand up against them... but its hard. That's why we need you to help. In some attempt to make them realize what they are doing. That's why we need you, our readers, to stand up to them. Or just to follow us. We want to make this blog known so that people can take a stand and feel like they have a support group. Us. We want to be here for people when you need us- thats why we need you! Please follow us and make us known- so we can help!

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  1. this is very insightful, but being part of an "evil clique," it's a lot less vindictive and mean spirited than you think. You're part of a clique too. It is just a group of friends. We have fun just like you.

    see, we have blogs too!