Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcome to our blog warming party

You're invited!
Welcome to our blog (Good girls wear converse... ) so please follow us!
Here's the deal:
We want to enlighten the world on the true world of middle school. We want to tell people about 50 hours of homework and 25 pound backpacks- but honestly. So that means I have to stop exaggerating- so there are really only 2 hours of homework... but the backpack is real...
So that's why the two of us are here- to tell you whats going on.
We don't want to give away our identity or school- so that people will assume us to be the average middle school- and people can't stop us from clicking away on our keyboards...
If you have any questions please leave them as comments and we will try to answer them!!!!! ya!
So that's about it.
Were two "good girls" but we wear converse. and don't do so well on some math quizzes.
and grammar.
but that's another story.
Anyway, we go by Vans and Converse - This is Van's fav. picture and here's mine (Converse)- sorry mine isn't showing up- we will try to post it later!
so follow us- like us(if its possible!) lets tell the world whats really going on and only you can help us!

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