Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Lets start out with a random fact about trick or treating: Katey Perry has never been trick or treating. Sad right? Well it's Halloween time and people are making plans with friends to go out and beg for candy while wearing costumes. For most people this is a fun activity. But what if the people you are going with don't like each other? Then you have a problem. Who wants to spend the night with friends who are arguing the whole time. So I have some advice. Go with a bigger group of friends. That way if two of them are arguing you can spend time with someone else. Also if there are more people they might spend time with others instead of the person they don't like. Remember it's not your fault if they don't like each other so don't let their arguing keep you from having a good time. Let them work it out themselves. Unless they are punching each other you don't have to be the peace maker. So now that we have covered that topic how about a recipe! So a couple of years ago converse brought in these delicious cookies to school on Halloween. They were sugar cookies with a chocolate kiss on top. She then put frosting around the rim of the kiss. They ended up looking like witches hats! And who said she can't cook (see earlier post)? So I hope you have an amazing halloween! I'm going to be the Cat in the Hat. Comment on this post and write what you're going to be.

-- Vans

Saturday, October 15, 2011

vans-- read to find out.

Hello, so it's a Saturday night and guess where I am?!? No not at a party, not at a friends house, not at my own house, I'm…… (dramatic pause)… BABYSITTING!!! so I was reading converse's post about Facebook, I myself don't have one-- I write on a blog that's viewed by who knows, but I don't want something where I can write and it will be viewed by my friends--welcome to my crazy mind-- so I don't know why her post made me think of this but, it made me think about things I do in my free time with friend that are not electronics. I know in this 20 first centry we're all supossed to be obsessed with electronics, in fact in 2050 they are supposed to attack-- acourding to a magazen, but there are other things to do in life. Speaking of electronics my dad just got a snazzy new phone, he just interrupted my posting to show me his background. so here is a list of things to do with friends that have nothing to do with electronics:

-- make a list of things to do in your local shopping area, ie: go into a store and speak with a brittash accent. i've made lists with friends tons of times and we had lots of fun.

-- go for a walk and talk. if it's a nice day, go outside, if it's pouring i don't suggest this activity.

-- make up a new game, my friends and i used to love foursqare, we would make up all theese crazy rules, it was lots o' fun.

-- go for an adventure, in you back yard, in your neighbors yard, in your enimies yard, the possibilities are endless!

-- play a games, my personal favorite is rat-a-tat-cat, ITS UBER FUN!

-- learn karate, if you didnt already do it this summer (see me earlier post) learn it together! two kickers are better than one!

well, theese are just some of my ideas, comment and i'll give you some more. whenever i have done one of theese things with a friend we always end up laughing, talking, and haveing a great time. so instead of stalking someone on face book do something else! yaaaa!
-- Vans the super babysitter :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Converse- Facebook

Sorry about my lack of posting!
Note: If you want to get a Facebook and are trying to convince them to get you one, don't let them read this!
Just thought I might add a quick word about facebook- do you, our WONDERFUL readers, have facebook? I do and I have to say, I almost wish that I didn't.
Several reasons as follows:
1. You learn way to much about other people and what they have been doing
2. You get notifications through your email, things like "so and so tagged you in this picture" and naturally you want to see the picture they posted and then you get sucked into the BFT (the big facebook trap) and end up looking at the page of your friend- of a friend- of a friend- of a friend.
3. Its very easy to say that you are going on to set up a time to hang out with your friend, but instead you end up staring at other people's pages for hours on end.
4. You never quite know if someone can tell if you have been on their page... and who has been on yours...actually this should be my #1 bullet point.
5. You get friend-ed by people you STRONGLY dislike, and yet if you deny their request they find out. A helpful tip: if you don't like the person and they try to friend you, just let the request sit around- never click yes or no. Then if they find out they can't be offended, because you can use technology as a great excuse.
6. All those people that you don't like that you friend-ed, while on one of those, "I'm going to give everyone a fresh start!" five minute inspirations, can see everything you post. And all of your pictures. Even the ones you don't want them to. And of course, you can't un-friend them because they will find out... and that's simply a very akward situation. What do you say? Umm... I don't like you very much and I was trying to give you a second chanc, but really- I don't think you deserve one so I'm never talking to you again...
So unless you have a desperate need, a cousin you are very close to who lives in a different state, for example, or a friend in the same situation- its worth it. Otherwise, I suggest skipping it...
- Converse