Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Lets start out with a random fact about trick or treating: Katey Perry has never been trick or treating. Sad right? Well it's Halloween time and people are making plans with friends to go out and beg for candy while wearing costumes. For most people this is a fun activity. But what if the people you are going with don't like each other? Then you have a problem. Who wants to spend the night with friends who are arguing the whole time. So I have some advice. Go with a bigger group of friends. That way if two of them are arguing you can spend time with someone else. Also if there are more people they might spend time with others instead of the person they don't like. Remember it's not your fault if they don't like each other so don't let their arguing keep you from having a good time. Let them work it out themselves. Unless they are punching each other you don't have to be the peace maker. So now that we have covered that topic how about a recipe! So a couple of years ago converse brought in these delicious cookies to school on Halloween. They were sugar cookies with a chocolate kiss on top. She then put frosting around the rim of the kiss. They ended up looking like witches hats! And who said she can't cook (see earlier post)? So I hope you have an amazing halloween! I'm going to be the Cat in the Hat. Comment on this post and write what you're going to be.

-- Vans

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