Saturday, October 15, 2011

vans-- read to find out.

Hello, so it's a Saturday night and guess where I am?!? No not at a party, not at a friends house, not at my own house, I'm…… (dramatic pause)… BABYSITTING!!! so I was reading converse's post about Facebook, I myself don't have one-- I write on a blog that's viewed by who knows, but I don't want something where I can write and it will be viewed by my friends--welcome to my crazy mind-- so I don't know why her post made me think of this but, it made me think about things I do in my free time with friend that are not electronics. I know in this 20 first centry we're all supossed to be obsessed with electronics, in fact in 2050 they are supposed to attack-- acourding to a magazen, but there are other things to do in life. Speaking of electronics my dad just got a snazzy new phone, he just interrupted my posting to show me his background. so here is a list of things to do with friends that have nothing to do with electronics:

-- make a list of things to do in your local shopping area, ie: go into a store and speak with a brittash accent. i've made lists with friends tons of times and we had lots of fun.

-- go for a walk and talk. if it's a nice day, go outside, if it's pouring i don't suggest this activity.

-- make up a new game, my friends and i used to love foursqare, we would make up all theese crazy rules, it was lots o' fun.

-- go for an adventure, in you back yard, in your neighbors yard, in your enimies yard, the possibilities are endless!

-- play a games, my personal favorite is rat-a-tat-cat, ITS UBER FUN!

-- learn karate, if you didnt already do it this summer (see me earlier post) learn it together! two kickers are better than one!

well, theese are just some of my ideas, comment and i'll give you some more. whenever i have done one of theese things with a friend we always end up laughing, talking, and haveing a great time. so instead of stalking someone on face book do something else! yaaaa!
-- Vans the super babysitter :)


  1. So this is vans-- nobody has been commenting so I thought I would
    Break the ice. I've done en example:

    Dear vans and converse, I read your post about haveing tons if home work, I really liked it. I was wondering, do you have and tips
    About how to stay organized? Also I just got a pair of suspenders and I'm a girl. What is a good way to wear them without them
    Falling off or going over my cheesy in a
    Wear way? Also why is the sky blue?
    An amazing fan.

    See that wasn't so hard. You can do it to! I give you full permison, don't be scared!

    -- vans

  2. Ps. Srry there are so many typos. But you get the pint…… -- vans

  3. hey. i really like your blogs. i was searching mermaids+vans, (don't ask) and found this. It's cool how you all are real. & honestly I don't think that many teenagers actually go to parties. And doesn't EVERY teenager babysit? Y'all should do something on fashion.