Friday, July 20, 2012

A word from Converse

I was out running yesterday... Which means staring at people as I crawl up a hill. I noticed a group of girls, about our age (Vans and I), wearing extremely tight, short clothing. Now, everyone is entitled to their own choice of clothing. I've been know to wear some really loud, badly fitting clothing on occasion (I did just buy some epic orange jeans, but they fit!)... These were healthy girls, tall and muscular, but they looked really pudgy in the clothes they were wearing. I knew one of the girls, we're not close friends, but I do know that she is very worried about her weight and it's very important to wear clothes that show off her body. So, these were cute clothes, but they were just the wrong size. And so here's my thought, find clothes that flatter you. No one cares what size you are, so why not wear the clothes that make you look good? Or the clothes you love...ORANGE JEANS!!! When you wear clothes that are too small for you (or to tight) it't not a good look. So buy clothes in your size that flatter you! Well, that's my word of advice! :) Xo, Converse

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm really sorry... Because I'm lame

Hello there. Sorry. I've been meaning to write a post for the last few months and haven't gotten around to it, because I'm a loser :). My apologies to Vans and you all! Well. I thought I'd write about Facebook profile pictures. For those of you who don't have Facebook, a profile picture is just what shows up on your page in the top left corner-ish. It's supposed to be a picture of you, I guess, but if your like me it's either a really unflattering picture a friend took, or a picture you took yourself of, like, a tree (no kidding.) Well (I've noticed I say that wayyyyy to much...), I've noticed the new fad (okay, not so new fad...) is for girls who don't have a lot of self confidence to strike a pose wearing as little clothing as possible (ex. Wearing a bikini, while thrusting, uh, some parts of their body forward.) and use that. And some of the pictures ARE photoshopped. I mean, REALLY? Anyway, it's the people (because it's not always girls, who are doing this) without a whole lot of self confidence who do this. They assume it makes them look "cool & sexy" to their peers. If you're resorting to this sort of thing, please, please, find a hobby or a sport that your good at or enjoy. That's the sort of thing that should boost your self confidence, not a "sexy" picture. And, if you don't agree with me, just think of this. COLLEGES WILL BE LOOKING AT YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE. Aren't you even a bit worried that Ms. Admissions Officer is going to look at you "sexy" pictures and think, what a puffball. Because that's what she/he is going to think. There's nothing wrong with posting a picture of yourself, but really, there's no need to be "sexy", and it will bite you in the backside. Literally. (okay, not so literally, but I really wanted to write that.) So, yay. Hope you all are having a fabulous summer, and I will be back soon! Yay, Converse

Monday, June 11, 2012

Vans-- the world is coming to an end

Hello. I think the world is coming to it's end. I have written more than one post in a day!! What I wanted to write is very short. Lalalalala left a very good comment. She took it off but the gist was basically she said sorry to someone and bullying stoped. This brings up a good point. Don't hold a grudge. SAY YOU'RE SORRY!! Sometimes you need to be the bigger person and say something. Also saying you're sorry to bully's is not a bad idea. It might show them that what they were saying hurt you more than they realized. I hope this helps! Lalalalala you are super rad for commenting! -- vans

Vans_ attempting to write about fashion, and hopefully seceding

Hello. Guess who it is? I'll give you a hint. I like to wear vans. So it's summer. Again! Yaa! So someone commented (very awesome person) and they asked us to write something about fashion. So I am going to try to write an insightful post about fashion. So I have wasted many hours watching a tv show called. Wait that might be a bad idea to post the name... Anyway. Something they have said multiple times on it is,"fashion should not hide your personality, nor should it be your personality. It should express your personality." we'll if that's not confusing I don't know what is. But here's what I took from it. You should wear something that makes you happy not what other people want. Also you should feel like you have to show your whole personality from your outfit. It should just help you show it. So I hope that was deep and helpful. So one thing about fashion that I think is interesting, to say the least, is that everyone has different standards. For some showing bra straps might be wildly inappropriate, while for others it's just normal. Is something inappropriate even if you don't think so? Ummmm...... Well I'm not quiet sure. But I will try to make a good analogy. Guess what I'm going to use? Babysitting!! So we have all had that Auckward moment when you tell the kid to go take a bath and they strip right in front of you. For them they have not learned that this would be inappropriate in a seance. So this might be the same way with clothes. People who wear reveling shirts might either not, yet, know the attention they get from wearing them. Or they might enjoy the attention. So this kinda sorta answers my question. If you want that kind of attention then the outfit isn't inappropriate. If you don't want that attentn it is. So when we were asked to write about fashion I don't really know what to say..... I guess I would describe my style as: attractive school girl, sometimes rocker, sometimes plain, sometimes wild, sometimes out of the ordinary, sometimes hipster (or at least I hope), circus performer, colorful, someitims dark, sometimes weird, quirky. So I guess my advice is DON'T AFRAID TO BE YOU! I know that sounds cheesy so I will reword it. Don't care what other people think about you, I know that's hard to do, but if they don't like the way you dress you should probably not hang out with them, because you are so much cooler for expressing yourself. If they don't like the way you dress they can go screw off. So many a times I have asked people how to they create an outfit. I usually get pretty interesting answers, ranging from: first thing I see- to- I plan one outfit out at the beginning of the week and try to style all the others for that week around it-to- based off the color of my nail polish. Here is something I do (if you care) I try to feel bueatiful everyday. Or at least happy with the way I look. If you feel happy with the way you look, you will probably have more confidence. Or at least feel dauntless ( READ DIVERGENT) and invinsable. Also I enjoy planning outfits around one piece (like heart shaped sunglasses, or a shirt). So I hope that was helpful. So thank you lizzy. You are an awesome person, I can tell by your willingness to search vans+mermaids (I am going to ask, What?) I don't think I will ever attempt to write a fashion post again (that's a lie I probably will) because that was hard. But fun!! I hope it was helpful and if not. Well, I don't know... Go read another blog? Have a gramazing summer, Vans

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vans-- things to do when your sad.

-- hello,
I'm really sorry I havent posted in a while (I seem to start ever post like that) so do u ever get the feeling like you have nothing to look forward too? No parties, no
Sleepovers, no nothing? It just seems like your life is an endless
Pit of nothingness? Yeah. We all have. So I know one thing that helps me is to put on some really happy music and pretend like my life is a happy chic flik-- without all the drama. I know it sounds corny, but It cheers me up. Also I like to plan things when I'm sad, maybe your sad on Monday? Plan a sleepover for Friday! Then you have the whole week to look forward to it. Another thing that helps-- if you happen to be in the car-- is to put on some happy music (sorry a lot of these have to do with music) and stare out the window. I once did this and everything became really funny. I saw two kids scootering and I couldn't stop laughing. Also SMILE!!!! All evidence, from experiment scientist have done, has shown that it makes you happier. I would have said "it's scientifically proven" but my science teacher just spent a long time telling us how nothing is "proven". So now the we have gotten the advice part put of the way, how about a story! Sorry that was a rhetorical question. No matter how much you said, "no no no, not a story!" in your head it did nothing to stop me from writing one. Because I'm not a mind reader. Sorry. I just really wanted
To type that. Anyway. So I'm  baby sitting (gasp)! and
Just a few minutes ago i was reading my book when the little girl (she's four) crept up into the room and yelled BOO! It scared me so much. So note to self (and anyone else) watch the doors incase a little kid is about to sneak up on u. 

Bye for now,