Saturday, January 28, 2012

Vans-- things to do when your sad.

-- hello,
I'm really sorry I havent posted in a while (I seem to start ever post like that) so do u ever get the feeling like you have nothing to look forward too? No parties, no
Sleepovers, no nothing? It just seems like your life is an endless
Pit of nothingness? Yeah. We all have. So I know one thing that helps me is to put on some really happy music and pretend like my life is a happy chic flik-- without all the drama. I know it sounds corny, but It cheers me up. Also I like to plan things when I'm sad, maybe your sad on Monday? Plan a sleepover for Friday! Then you have the whole week to look forward to it. Another thing that helps-- if you happen to be in the car-- is to put on some happy music (sorry a lot of these have to do with music) and stare out the window. I once did this and everything became really funny. I saw two kids scootering and I couldn't stop laughing. Also SMILE!!!! All evidence, from experiment scientist have done, has shown that it makes you happier. I would have said "it's scientifically proven" but my science teacher just spent a long time telling us how nothing is "proven". So now the we have gotten the advice part put of the way, how about a story! Sorry that was a rhetorical question. No matter how much you said, "no no no, not a story!" in your head it did nothing to stop me from writing one. Because I'm not a mind reader. Sorry. I just really wanted
To type that. Anyway. So I'm  baby sitting (gasp)! and
Just a few minutes ago i was reading my book when the little girl (she's four) crept up into the room and yelled BOO! It scared me so much. So note to self (and anyone else) watch the doors incase a little kid is about to sneak up on u. 

Bye for now,

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