Saturday, December 17, 2011

Being left out-- oh yeah, this is Vans

That caught your attention, "Being left out," didn't it? I thought since i hadn't posted in a while I would write about this. Don't you just hate it when your friend is talking about a party and then she's like," so what time should i pick you up?" and you're like,"never dingbat! I wasn't invited!" and then it's really awkward because she just totally embarrassed herself, and you're now LEFT OUT. since it's the title i thought i would put it in caps. so last week was my bat-mitzva, it was tons of fun but, i couldn't invite everyone i knew. I felt really bad because, i knew i had left some people out. so i was really sad because i had to leave out some people who might have thought we were good friends. SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO MY COUSIN'S FRIEND AND MY FRIEND KELP: i really wanted to invite you guys but since you were both out of town my mom said i couldn't, i still think you are awesome. ok, now that that's one i thought i would give some advice. you can follow it or not, i don't really care, but i know it would make some other people's lives better. Try not to leave anyone out, or if you do don't rub it in their face. also if you have to leave them out for a reason tell them so they don't get mad. you all are good people, well i hope you are, so do the right thing! yaaaa!
-- Vans

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