Thursday, November 17, 2011

VANS--Thanks giveing

so, it's that awkward time between Halloween and Hanukkah/ Christmas/ Kwanzaa/ winter solstice. I always get annoyed when I'm driving down the street and people have already put up Hanukkah/ Christmas/ Kwanzaa/ winter solstice decorations. DON'T FORGET ABOUT THANKS  GIVING!!! it's a holiday too. why don't we have thanks giving decorations? instead of giant inflatable snow globes we could have giant inflatable turkeys! I don't know about you all but my family and I have some weird holiday stories.  we usually eat thanks giving dinner with our friends who are doctors. one year between dinner and dessert we all got our swine flu vaccine. I was putting a last bite of turkey in my mouth and i looked over into the other room and i saw my mom being injected with a needle. that ruiened my appitite. so that's just one story. what are yours? do you have a weird thing that you eat? or relitives that have weird jobs? leave a comment and tell us about it!

Happy thanks giveing!
-- Vans