Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vans speaking-- The short shorts problem

Hello people, animals, or whatever else might be reading this. I am going to write today about what clothing stores think teens want to wear. also about their advertising. But... first i shall tell you a story (don't worry this had to do with a teen clothes store)
so, one day i was at the mall and i had to go to the bathroom. The store i was in didn't have a bathroom so i had to go across the way to the xxxxxxx and xxxx store (i don't want to post the name in case the store gets mad) so anyway, i walk to this store to look for a bathroom. as i come to the entrance there is a big picture of a shirtless teenage (14 or 15) boy. underneath it said the stores name. i think it was advertisement for their clothes. I'm not sure what clothes he was advertising because the picture didn't show any. anyway, (do i say that to much?) is this what people think teen fashion is all about?
good looking bodies? i thought fashion was a way of expressing yourself with clothes and accessories.
oh well,
untill next time,


hello this is vans speaking-- or really typing. today i am talking about. well actually u should know if you have read the title. so, i suggest u read the title before reading this. or else it will be very confusing. have u read the title? gotten a snack? used the bathroom? r u comfortable? yes? OK we can begin. so as the title obviously states my post will be about swimsuits. so our class was having an end of year swim party when i realized i didn't have a swimsuit (don't worry i realized this before the party, not at it) anyway, i decided i should go buy one. so i hoped into my mom's car and we drove to the mall. once at the mall i started to look around in stores for a bathing suit.  so I'm looking in this store. but all i could find were bikinis. i bought one. then i realized i should probably get a one piece for camp where we will be swimming in a cold lake. so i looked around. NO ONE PIECES. actually that's a lie. there were a couple. but they were either cut to low, for racing swimmers, or for two or fifty year olds. i tried the next store, same thing. next, same... you get where this is going. so i was wondering. is there any store where i can get a normal, patterned- not racing- one piece swimsuit???? if there is please tell me. what happened to the choice of a one piece or a two piece. and don't even get me started on tankines-  no offense to tankini lovers, they are just not my thing.
-- so happy summer!!!
-- vans

Friday, May 6, 2011

Converse speaking- I'm cooking! (not really...)

Hi to all of you wonderful readers,
Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Have had a ton of work- will talk more about that later-
Well I'm here to talk about cooking. I love eating homemade things. I'm perfectly happy to cook them. My only issue is that everything I make turns out horribly....
'nother common  lie about middle school girls- they are great cooks.
So as an exception to this rule:
While I'm sitting here munching on a few carrots and poking away at a rather hard to use keyboard (i was born PC and just switched over to mac and have to switch keyboard shortcuts- poor me! {not really...}ha ha! 'nother common lie- not all teenagers are good with la computerdoras- clearly i don't take Spanish- but that's another good idea for a blog post.)
So just to fill you in on whats going on right now- my carrots and i are sitting at a computer while vans is slaving away in the kitchen- her word choice- attempting to figure out how to deal with a recipe that calls for 1/4 of an egg. seriously? i call typo. Although she says she has figured it out- clearly she knows a little more about cooking than i do.
So the myth busters have struck again- 1. teens aren't always good cooks. 2. teens aren't always good with computers. 2. it is possible to only use 1/4 of an egg. See ya soon my wonderfully amazing readers!