Friday, July 20, 2012

A word from Converse

I was out running yesterday... Which means staring at people as I crawl up a hill. I noticed a group of girls, about our age (Vans and I), wearing extremely tight, short clothing. Now, everyone is entitled to their own choice of clothing. I've been know to wear some really loud, badly fitting clothing on occasion (I did just buy some epic orange jeans, but they fit!)... These were healthy girls, tall and muscular, but they looked really pudgy in the clothes they were wearing. I knew one of the girls, we're not close friends, but I do know that she is very worried about her weight and it's very important to wear clothes that show off her body. So, these were cute clothes, but they were just the wrong size. And so here's my thought, find clothes that flatter you. No one cares what size you are, so why not wear the clothes that make you look good? Or the clothes you love...ORANGE JEANS!!! When you wear clothes that are too small for you (or to tight) it't not a good look. So buy clothes in your size that flatter you! Well, that's my word of advice! :) Xo, Converse

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