Sunday, April 28, 2013

We are still here!- Vans

Well hello, it's Vans. Don't worry I have not complete dropped off the earth- only momentarily tripped. I'm so sorry that we have not written in literally a year. I guess school and friends and all the other thing in my life have completely consumed me. I can't speak for converse. But at least for me it seems like lately I have been really busy. For example today I had to go to two thing in the morning that were going on at the same time. I personally get super stressed when I think of all I have to do. But one thing that worked for me is to picture a day in the really near future when I have no commitments. Like Monday. I know I'll be sitting in school- but at least I don't have to be worrying about being somewhere else. For some reason this really calms me down. It's weird I know. And quit seriously, I don't actually know if anyone else feels this way. But if you do, maybe this trick will work for you. Golly- I'm a poet and I didn't even know it :)
             On a completely utterly different note. I think about two years ago someone asked us to write about fashion. So once again I'm going to try. So. I read an awesome article on a truly remarkable blog called rookie. And one thing I took away from it was to be creative with your shoe laces. (Okay. That might have been the oddest thing I have ever typed "creative with your shoelaces"???) BUT DO NOT BE AFRAID! In the article it suggested replacing your laces with a peice of fuzzy yarn. I loved the picture so I went looking for fuzzy yarn. Alas I did not have any but I had something else.... RIBBONS! So I grabbed a red one, burned the edges, and relaced my wolf printed-lace actually made me feel like I was wearing a new pair of shoes. They looked really cool- if I do say so myself. So I highly suggest replacing your laces with ribbon, yarn, twine, pipecleaners, whatever you would like. I'm sure you will be impressed. And if not. You can take them out! Yay! That concludes my odd fashion post about shoe laces. Although. I don't know if it can be considered fashion..... Oh well.....

Until next time,

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