Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vans- skinny jeans

Hello, this is finally Vans, you haven't heard what i have to say yet. so this will be awesome for both of us. so... i am write about skinny jeans. duh. sorry, I'll try to refrain from unneeded comment. anyway, you are probably wondering, "Why is she writing about jeans when this is a blog about middle school, that's so random!" fear not young ones, sorry i added that for dramatic affect. but, if you have ever been to a middle school you will notice there is some trend, wait for it, wait for it again.... for us SKINNY JEANS!!!!! yes these tight legged pant are making a come back. my mom says they were popular in the seventies. anyway, if you have ever tried on a pair of them your first reaction would probably be, "Darn these pants are so uncomfortable!" that was my first reaction. so, keep on trying, because, eventually you will find a pair that are comfortable. the first time i tried on a pair they were three sizes to small. i gave up for  a couple of months. but then.. i found a pair that actually felt good! so the lesson? even if you don't like skinny jeans at first you will either :
1. find a pair that work,
2. or develop your own style. last year i thought jeans were the most uncomfortable thing on this planet besides brushing your hair when it's knotty. so, instead i wore things like skirts, shorts, or other things, BE CREATIVE you don't need jeans to make you look good. 
so fear not old ones ( this has been so long you have probably aged since my calling you young) follow your own style, don't worry unless it's hideous (in witch your friends will tell you) nobody will think your clothes are weird. so be true to your self!!!wow i went really off topic. you are probably asleep. so AGGGGGG wake up because converse wants to say something...
Converse speaking:
At the school we go to the mothers arent that fru-fru for the most part. 
So as a result- the "trendsetters" don't wear pearl earrings and skirts. 
So the trends we talk about may be a little different then yours- but its the same thing really.
Okay- sorry for the interruption- i'll let Vans get back to her wonderful post-
vans:  bye for now, :)

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