Thursday, March 3, 2011

Converse speaking the truth

Teenagers are rebellious, moody, tired, smelly and hungrey.
I have some advice for you:
1. About rebellion, just go get some sleep or eat some pretzels. Don't ask me, but both work.
2. Moody- shut your pie trap and get some sleep or eat some pretzels. See above for more info.
3. Tired- get some sleep you poor stupid people.  Or go eat some pretzels. Seriously, those things have like caffeine in them.
4. Smelly- use deodorant- your respective hero put deodorant on earth for a reason. USE IT! don't use pretzels this time. just shower. that works to.
5. Hungry? EAT SOME PRETZELS- apples work too.
All else fails?
Shut your mouth, go to sleep, and/or eat some pretzels.

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