Saturday, April 16, 2011

Converse speaking- more Vietnamese food for thought

So as I related in an earlier post I was made fun of for eating leftover Vietnamese food. Well, tonight I was riding back in the car and thinking about bullies. Somewhere along the way I started thinking about those people in your life who are dramatic, they aren't bullies, just dramatic. In one of my classes I have to sit through 45 minutes of constant TMI (to much information) chatter centered around one rather flirtacious child. This person flirts with EVERYONE of the opposite gender, and trust me, its gets annoying. Not the flirting, the endless, "Oh I went there once!"- Or- "Remember that time at sports practice when you and I were talking about blah blah blah..." and find some way to finally relate it to class.

Well, try as he might, our poor h teacher can do nothing about it. So he created the list.

The "list" names every couple that flirts in our class. When they flirt our teacher marks it down and gives them an "F-" for class behavior, both parties.
Just wonderin if anyone else out there has any stories about the dramatics (the more dramatic people in life.) So comment on this, let us know! Wow that sounds odd. So yeah.

Hope your having a great weekend + stay posted for my next post (sorry could not resist the pun...) about cliques and some rather interesting ideas they have about the perfect person...

see ya then and get some sleep (I know I need to! So I think I finally need to end this!)

Converse :)

Who is going to have Vietnamese food for breakfast tomorrow!

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