Friday, April 15, 2011

Vans Speaking--

Hello people. This is Vans. So.... GUESS WHAT!
you: What?
Me: I"M GETTING NEW VANS SOON!!! YEAH! my old ones had holes so big you could see my socks. also they didn't fit. So, i'm getting new ones! yaaa!
oh and guess what - my birthday is also national name a peanut day(please don't be pervs!) so kewl right?!

-Vans. *<:)

and a little converse for good measure (so converse speaking): don't worry- we are changing the blog around but it will the same info in the same place! woo hoo! and note to all: we will have to shut down this blog (okay not really but  if no one follows it my mom won't let my write on because she thinks it will be a waste of time... and then your stuck listening to vans posts about nation name a peanut day... really vans? okay so yeah!)so if you like this blog please comment on this post, ask us a question, leave a note- follow us! anything at all! kewl! see ya later!

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