Saturday, September 24, 2011

Vans speaking-- baby sittig tips

Hello. Sorry converse and I haven't posted in a while. I know I have been busy with skool, homework, learning how to ride a unicycle, volley ball an all the other normal everyday things that I do :) anyway, I was talking to my cousin today- just FYI we r close, I try to call her often since we don't live in the same state- and she was like, "u haven't posted in a while." and i said something like, "whoa, the kid in the restrant next door to where I am sittig goes to my skool." and she said, "vans ur getting off topic." anyway. I relized she was right. So I decided to post baby sitting tips. Random i know. But it better than nothing right?!?!
Here it goes:

1. Rubbing their back helps them fall asleep.

2. Playing the alphabet game helps them
Fall asleep( the game where u think of an animal that starts with a, then b...) BUT DON'T TRY TO PLAY THIS GAME WITH KIDS WHO HAVE NOT LEARNED THE ALPHABET YET-- I learnt the hard way…

3. If they say, I'm not tierd! Tell them,"to bad,
u have to go to bed
Now." but use different words. Don't tell the kid, " ok! U can stay up!"

So, I know middle skool is when u start babysitting so I hope this helps.
Vans, who just told a
Kid to go to bed :)

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