Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vans- summer worries.

Vans Speaking. As the summer is comeing to an end and school is about to start we all get kinda sad. Soo.... I know these r some of my worries.
-- what if my friends changed over the summer.
-- what if some trend started while I was out of town.
-- what if I have no friends in my class.
So I was looking at all if these problems and I relized something. Wait... Quick break. Fun fact. Did you know that I have never been to walmart? If don't have a walmart in your town it's a big store that sells everything. Kinda like a target. Anyway back to the post. So, I relized something. Everyone has theese problems. When we all get back to school we will all be worringing about theese things.some
More than others. So do yourself a favor. Stop worrying. About the trends, they don't developed that quickly. Also it's ok if you don't follow trends. Mabey you can make up your own! About friends, everyone changes a little bit. It all comes with growing up. But just except their changes. Don't try to change them, that will just make them mad. About friends in your class, even if you don't have any in your class u can always make new ones. This past year I started out the year with only a couple of friends in my class. But by the end we were all really close. So don't worry and have a really really really fun rest of the summer!
From vans.

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